OMNY Health Webinar:

COVID-19: Data Science and Clinical Perspectives from Structured and Unstructured Real-World Data

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On May 25, 2021, OMNY Health’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mitesh Rao, and Head of Biostatistics & Data Science, Lawrence Rasouliyan, discussed the use of real-world data to gain insights on COVID-19 from both the data science and clinical perspectives. 

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What Will We Cover in This Video?

OMNY Health On-Demand Webinar: Health Data Partnerships Innovate Rare Disease Research
  • The Utility of Real-World Data during a Global Pandemic
  • Patient Characterization and Real-World Hospital Experiences
  • Treatment Patterns in Adults and Children
  • The Value of Clinical Notes and Unstructured Data to Understand Symptoms and Adverse Events

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