How Health Systems Can Enable Compliant Data Partnerships

An OMNY Health™ On-Demand Webinar

Healthcare systems and specialty networks can securely and compliantly share patient data.

On October 20, 2020, G. Sunny Grewal, Co-Founder and CCO of OMNY Health, moderated a discussion with Kristen Rosati, one of the leading big data and HIPAA compliance experts in the country, a partner at Coppersmith Brockelman, PLC, and also a past President of the American Health Lawyers Association. Their engaging discussion covered:

  • The Changing Landscape: How health system approaches to data partnerships have evolved in the last few years
  • Legal Considerations: Key legal issues to consider when building new data partnerships
  • Third Party Platforms vs Building In-House: How some health systems have focused on developing their own capabilities, while others are working with third party providers

Watch the on-demand webinar now!

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