Enable Health Systems to Harness Their

Data Assets

Health systems face economic pressures, especially in the current economic environment. Despite amassing large data sets, these companies have been unable to leverage them adequately, until now.

Our Solution

OMNY empowers healthcare organizations with a secure and HIPAA compliant means to convert de-identified data into new business opportunities.


Insights on Provided Data

Access relevant insights from health systems data to help drive clinical and operational process improvements


New Business Opportunities

New data partnerships creates significant new business opportunities


Compliance and Control

Health Systems control which data packages are made available to buyers; AKS and HIPAA compliance is enabled


Low Friction Experience

With limited integrations and painless contracting, partnerships can be enabled in a matter of weeks

Your OMNY Journey in 4 Simple Steps


Final agreement is signed, confirming the HIPAA compliant process of data acquisition

2. Access

System provides the relevant dataset from existing sources

3. Transformation

Data is thoroughly cleaned, completely de-identified and made HIPAA compliant

4. Go-Live

After system approval and sign off, data is made available through the OMNY platform


Access our latest case studies, white papers and other thought leadership.

The OMNY Data Marketplace

The OMNY Marketplace enables life sciences companies to access real world data from health systems at scale. Click below to learn more.

Regulatory Compliance

As your trusted, compliant intermediary, we ensure that you and your patients are protected in marketplace transactions through compliance with HIPAA.


Contact Us

Reach out to us for more information about OMNY and our platform.

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