Collaboration for Data Providers

Our purpose goes way beyond the data. It is about building relationships and connecting all the parts of the healthcare industry to transform patient lives.
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Build a network for clinical trials

Experience more precise matching to empower recruitment. We help you optimally align trial criteria with the right patients and providers from your system to improve the care journeys of those patients and boost participation.

Monitor value-based care contracts

Track quality metrics and outcomes that are required for value-base care contracts. We help you align your data to drive clinical, operational, and financial improvements and provide the best quality of care for patients.

Generate results that help your patients live healthier lives.

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Drive industry standards

Participate in leading edge research initiatives, influence and guide industry standards, and steer the direction of future OMNY products and features that maximize the benefit for your patients and your organization.

We bring together the best and brightest for each specialty area to form our Provider Leadership Council to surface the patient issues that require the joint efforts from top providers.

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