Data for Data Providers

What began as the goal of gathering and collecting data, has evolved into a new challenge for healthcare providers – harnessing and utilizing that data in a way that benefits patients.

We help our Data Providers harness their data and activate a data strategy that works for patients, providers, and administration in three simple steps.

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Provide your data

We give you an “easy” button. All you need to do is provide your data via one of our several compliant options. Then, we do the rest: cleaning, standardizing, and de-identifying your data.

You have peace of mind knowing that our standard data format is compliant.

Approve your data

Once your data is in our standard format, we create a data specification, which is the data dictionary used to create all derivative products. All you have to do is approve this data specification.

Throughout the process, you have full control of your data and the ability to provide and approve only what you are comfortable with.

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Consume your data

Your data, in our standard format, is accessible at any time by your team members to complete any data analysis or research that is needed.

This data can be easily filtered to specific patient populations or joined to other data sets, depending on your research questions and patient care initiatives.

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