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OMNY Health™ is a healthcare ecosystem that connects providers and life sciences companies to fuel partnerships that drive patient care.

For life sciences

We’re here to get you from data and insights to improving care and saving lives. Our data products provide a holistic view of the patient that spans the breadth of the care continuum, from inpatient to post acute care settings.

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For healthcare providers

We’re here to help you leverage your data internally for your own operational needs and best practices, but also to help you share your de-identified data externally to efficiently drive patient outcomes. Our turnkey process ensures that your patients are always your number one priority.

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What our partners are saying

Here’s how some of our member organizations are utilizing OMNY Health to leverage data to drive patient outcomes

Real World Data is a necessary tool to make decisions where doing a study isn't practical.”

It's been a real struggle to wrap our arms around this last piece of the puzzle, which is data. There's no real shame in outsourcing that to organizations like OMNY to help harness the data."

Chief Medical Information Officer  |  Health System

Our goal is to make sure that the patient and physician are looking at the same outcome measures, and we're trying to get them back to their baseline in the most efficient way possible."

Head of Insights  |  Life Sciences Company

If the patient outcome is our goal, then we'll always be focused in the right direction."

Partner  |  Nationwide Dermatology Network

Even with an IS Department of a few hundred, it's hard to really make headway with the data, so partnering with a company that can help you is really valuable."

Chief Medical Information Officer  |  Health System

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