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Spotlight: Stacey Long, Chief Strategy Officer

We interview Stacey Long, our Chief Strategy Officer, as part of our OMNY Health Spotlight series…

OMNY Health took home the audience vote and the grand prize at Health 2.0

OMNY Health™ Debuts at Health 2.0 Launch!

OMNY Health, which aims to disrupt data sharing to give providers more control over the data they sell, took home the audience vote and the $5,000 grand prize… 

HealthTech Arkansas Names Six Startups to Cohort

HealthTech Arkansas named six startup companies for its second cohort, including OMNY Health…

BTG and OMNY Health™ Partner to Improve Treatment

BTG, a global pharma company, is partnering with OMNY Health to improve visibility of inventory data for its antivenom product, CroFab®…

G. Sunny Grewal (Columbia MBA, 2013) co-founded OMNY Health

Harness Healthcare Data to Find Lifesaving Cures

G. Sunny Grewal (Columbia MBA, 2013) co-founded OMNY Health to help life sciences companies acquire the data they need to develop life-saving cures in collaboration with health systems and specialty networks…

The Road to Recovery for Hospitals

As we move towards some semblance of economic recovery, hospitals around the country are facing challenges. Dr. Mitesh Rao, our CEO and Founder, shares his thoughts on how OMNY Health can help…

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