Accelerate the Pace of Life-Changing Innovation

May 13, 2021

Hidden deep in healthcare data lies powerful insights and clinical revelations. Knowledge, that when shared with healthcare visionaries, can spark actions that will accelerate the pace of life changing innovations.  Curating this wealth of knowledge requires precise data handling and a sharp focus on balancing two important factors:  Patient Privacy and Care Innovation.  

OMNY Health’s technology solutions deliver immediate value to Life Sciences researchers by delivering standardized patient, encounter, notes, and supply data from a diverse set of providers in a secure cloud platform. With off-the-shelf data, dashboards, reports, and analytics available in a variety of formats and combinations, time to insights and decisions accelerate, so your team can focus on improving access to effective treatments and transforming the lives of patients. OMNY works closely with integrated delivery networks, community hospital systems, and even specialty practices to harmonize their data, enable custom analytics and create a real-word data pipeline. 

These clinical insights are shared with Life Sciences companies for use in expediting Research & Development, driving new therapy launches and accelerating commercialization strategies. And while providers and pharmaceutical innovators benefit significantly from the standardization and flow of useful data, the ultimate winners are the patients.

Here’s an example:

Working with 2 health systems, we uncovered insights that directly informed treatment decisions for Myasthenia Gravis, or MG, patients and powered pre-launch research for a new innovative MG drug . What’s more, we provided real-world context to understand MG therapy burden and barriers to care.

Healthcare data holds the promise of clinical innovation. OMNY can connect you with the quality data you need to inform and transform actions that will make a real difference in patients’ lives. The future of healthcare is accessible today.

 To learn more about this story and how to partner with OMNY Health, please contact us.

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