Atropos Health Expands Evidence Network by Teaming with OMNY Health

Mar 8, 2023


Collaboration enables Atropos to generate real-world evidence from OMNY’s vast portfolio of data, opening the door for more data-driven medical breakthroughs

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 8, 2023 – Atropos Health, a leader in generating personalized real-world evidence at the point and pace of care, announces a teaming alliance with OMNY Health, a healthcare ecosystem facilitating cross-industry data sharing. This relationship will unlock novel insights from the de-identified data shared by participants within OMNY Health’s network, creating more opportunities for evidence-based practice and medical research.

Life science and healthcare provider groups rely on OMNY Health to facilitate secure and mutually-beneficial data sharing and research collaborations. OMNY augments provider organizations’ ability to leverage their data – for research, clinical decision support, population health program design, and more. For life sciences, OMNY offers a vast portfolio of data conducive to downstream analytic needs. The Atropos-OMNY teaming alliance will enable data activation across their respective platforms by catalyzing transformation of real world data into usable insights. With Atropos Health’s Green Button Informatics Consult Service, OMNY and Atropos clients will have the option to leverage advanced solutions that provide novel real-world evidence (RWE) responses to clinical questions, called Prognostograms, in under 48 hours.

This collaboration also advances Atropos’ evidence generation capabilities. Answering previously unanswerable questions with insights from medical data, as Atropos does, depends on a blend of factors – sophisticated technology, clinical expertise, and the right data as its substrate. Leveraging OMNY’s curated clinical and specialty data means more of the “right data” is available. Resulting Prognostograms will add to Atropos’ growing library of novel RWE – a crucial step toward bridging the evidence gap in medicine.

“Atropos is a catalyst from medical data to actionable evidence. When paired with OMNY’s data ecosystem, the opportunities are remarkable,” said Brigham Hyde, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of Atropos Health. “We will be able to generate insights that do not exist in current medical literature. Making this accessible at scale can lay the groundwork for medical breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, and informed care decisions that save lives.”

“Our mission is to free data from silos and allow it to be shared, analyzed, and transformed into life-saving treatments and better care for patients,” says Mitesh Rao, CEO, OMNY Health. “Life science organizations and providers often struggle with time and budget constraints that hinder their ability to learn from their data. The work Atropos and OMNY are doing can unblock this process by providing on-demand answers to pressing medical questions.”

The collaboration with OMNY Health comes after news of Atropos Health’s recent partnerships with the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit global leader in clinical care; Syntegra, a generative AI company producing synthetic data; and CancerLinQ, a technology platform for cancer research and treatment, provided by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO).

Atropos Health’s core technology began as a research project at Stanford University that postulated a future where answers to complex clinical questions would be available at the touch of a “Green Button” in the EHR. This idea evolved into the Green Button Consult Service Atropos Health offers to clinicians and researchers today.  (See here.)


About Atropos Health

Atropos Health is the developer of the first physician consultation service powered by research-grade real-world data. Using hundreds of millions of anonymized patient records, we help providers answer clinical questions that have fallen through the cracks of the evidence-based literature. By leveraging clinical insights from a growing span of real-world data in a rapid, methodologically-transparent manner built on dozens of peer reviewed publications, Atropos empowers more robust research and evidence-based care delivery.

To learn more about Atropos Health, visit or connect through LinkedIn or follow on Twitter @AtroposHealth.

About OMNY Health

OMNY Health connects patients, providers, and life sciences companies through data and insights to accelerate life-changing innovation.  Our easy-to-use, secure platform enables life sciences organizations to engage in collaborative data and research partnerships efficiently, compliantly, and at scale.

The team at OMNY Health imagines a future of patient-centered and evidence-based care. We’ll achieve that mission through a seamless workflow of analysis-to-insight-to-decision-making based on a connected ecosystem of healthcare data and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.


For more information visit or e-mail: 

Media Contact

Bruno Solari

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