Looking Back and Looking Forward: Top Five’s for 2021 and 2022

Jan 12, 2022

Happy New Year! We hope your family had a safe and healthy holiday season. 2021 was a busy year for us at OMNY Health, and we made great strides toward building out our ecosystem and supporting our mission of accelerating clinical innovation. To hit the highlights, we’ve put together two Top 5 lists, reminiscing some of our top 2021 achievements and looking ahead at some of the exciting opportunities coming in 2022.  


Top 2021 Achievements

Commercial Launch of the OMNY Health Platform

In May, we announced the commercial launch of the OMNY Health Platform, a platform that endeavors to bring together the healthcare ecosystem, centered around data-driven clinical innovation. Since our launch, we have greatly expanded our commercial pipeline with a number of buyers actively evaluating our data offerings and utilizing our platform.  


Successful Completion of SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

In addition to our May product launch, we also achieved SOC2 Type 1 certification that same month. To achieve this our compliance and dev ops teams worked hard to put 25 policies and 90 related controls in place in the first part of the year. Being SOC2 compliant assures our partners that we have the infrastructure, tools, and processes to protect their data and to ensure that organizational controls and practices effectively safeguard the privacy and security of OMNY Health and partner data.  


Massive Integrated Dermatology Data Repository

One month later, we followed our commercial launch with the announcement of our national dermatology data repository. Initially launched with 7.5M+ patient lives, our overall data set now covers 40 of the 50 states, representing 22M+ patient lives, and includes care provided by over 47,000 providers. This represents nearly an 8x growth year over year in our data partnerships. In addition to our Base EHR data offering, we recently launched a product containing Surveys, Questionnaires, and Scores data. This unique offering sets us apart from other vendors, allowing researchers to capture outcomes values provided by providers and patients.  


Research Driven Support for Clinical Innovation

Our biostatistics/data science team has been deep in research mode all year. They have presented over a dozen posters and oral presentations at a number of large conferences this year, including ISPOR Europe, John Snow Labs NLP Summit, ISPE 37th International Conference, DIA Global Annual Conference, and ISPOR Annual Conference. All research has been based on data from our data repository and is helpful to demonstrate the value and utility of the data offerings we provide to customers. These presentations have broached an expansive cross-section of topics from COVID-19 to dermatology to natural language processing (NLP). And despite the holidays, our team spent much of the last few weeks in December hard at work drafting ten submissions for 2022’s ISPOR Annual Conference. 


Strengthened Intellectual Property Portfolio

In addition to one patent that was granted in 2020, we have two new patents that were granted in 2021. The patents granted were Unbiased Drug Selection using Distributed Ledger Technology (US 11,093,552) and Private Currency and Trade Engine (US 11,094,013). We are proud of our innovation team for getting these patents granted.  


Top 2022 Opportunities

Orthopedic and Ophthalmology Data Repository

We’ve been busy signing a number of orthopedic and ophthalmology practices to increase the patient lives and type of data covered in our data repository. Similar to how we built our large dermatology repository in 2021, we expect our numbers in orthopedics and ophthalmology to rival our dermatology data by mid 2022. In addition, we’ve been growing the number of signed health systems and will have broader coverage across additional service lines and specialties coming as well. 


Rapidly Expanding Team

We are growing, and we are hiring! In the last half of 2021, we saw our technical teams double in size, and we expect to almost double in all departments across the board in 2022. We are looking for talented and experienced people who can hit the ground running. We have a number of open roles available on our careers page  and invite you to please send good people our way.  


PandemicX Cohort

In December, we announced that we are one of the fifteen health tech startups accepted into the 2022 PandemicX Cohort. We will be working closely with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Mass Challenge Health Tech to use data to help solve the problems of health equity that have been brought to light by the pandemic. This aligns well with our mission, and we cannot wait to get started on this project. 


Data Expansion

In 2021, the introduction of our EHR data sets allowed us to become a major player in the industry. In 2022, we hope to expand those data sets even more with the addition of claims data. The augmentation of EHR data with claims data expands the opportunities and types of studies for which our data can be used. Throughout 2021, we have been building our capabilities for using natural language processing (NLP) to extract structured fields from unstructured notes data. This coming year, we expect to refine our processing and productize much of this data. 


Insights Beyond the Data

In the coming year, our roadmap includes a number of reports and dashboards that take a step beyond just data and into the realm of insights. We have been working closely with both sides of our ecosystem on some beta products that will allow users to make faster, more data-driven decisions. 

As you can see, we did some BIG things in 2021, but have even BIGGER things coming in 2022. Thank you to all of our partners, investors, and customers for your collaboration and support. We could not be where we are today without your help. And we look forward to continuing to build on these relationships in the coming year. Cheers to all the things to come in the New Year!  




About the Author:
Dr. Mitesh Rao is the Founder and CEO of OMNY Health. A Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Rao has held executive roles at both Stanford’s and Northwestern’s health systems, where he helped lead patient safety and innovation. As a physician leader and executive, he has helped implement systems-level improvements for quality and safety in institutions across the country and overseas that have had lasting effects on care provision. Throughout his career, Dr. Rao has helped implement and scale new technologies within the clinical venue and serves as a mentor to multiple startups and accelerator groups across the country in order to help guide the development of innovative solutions that can sustainably impact patient care.


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