OMNY Health launches new GI real-world data solutions in partnership with leading US gastroenterology practices

Apr 22, 2024

OMNY Health’s GI partnerships are a pivotal step in its mission to deliver data and insights to accelerate life-changing innovation. With a focus on catalyzing research and improving outcomes, OMNY aims to make a tangible difference for the millions of individuals in the US impacted by gastroenterology diseases

ATLANTA, GA, April 22, 2024 – OMNY Health is pleased to announce its partnership with the nation’s leading community-based independent gastroenterology (GI) practices and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) to launch a novel set of real-world data and evidence solutions for research. Over 5,000 GI providers serving more than 10 million patients are now part of OMNY’s research network, representing care delivery by over 380,000 providers and 75 million patients across the US. The focus on GI practice data is a notable expansion to OMNY’s real-world data ecosystem, which works with providers to support compliant research partnerships at scale. OMNY works with the health systems to enable insights on patient population characteristics, care delivery patterns, and treatment outcomes based on data extracted from de-identified inpatient and ambulatory care electronic health records (EHRs). OMNY’s solutions deliver valuable information on disease severity, rationale behind treatment decisions, treatment efficacy, and impact of social determinants on treatment selection and disease progression. By integrating disparate EHRs into unified, de-identified research data products, OMNY offers researchers and providers the breadth and depth of information needed to address their biomedical and population health research questions.
“United Digestive remains committed to offering our patients the most suitable and cost- effective healthcare solutions. Our dedication to delivering best-in-class GI care is intricately linked with our data-driven approach,” says United Digestive’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Suh. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with OMNY Health, which allows us to drive further insights from our data to advance patient care.”
“As Florida’s leading gastroenterology provider, Borland Groover’s mission is to provide exceptional care and improve the lives of our patients. Achieving this objective requires a deep understanding of our patients, patterns of care, outcomes, and opportunities for further improvement through data analysis,” said Borland Groover’s CEO, Dr. Kyle Etzkorn. “Our collaboration with OMNY not only aligns with our mission, but it also presents avenues to identify and pursue future opportunities for elevating GI patient care.”
“Enhancing patient care isn’t just a goal; it’s our responsibility, guided by the personal experiences of every patient we serve. Each piece of patient data is not just a statistic; it is a pathway to better outcomes, a testament to our commitment, and a source of inspiration for ongoing progress” said Christa Newton, MBA, CEO, OneGI. “We are excited to partner with OMNY as a tangible step in realizing these guiding principles for the benefit of our patients.”
“It is important to One GI that our patients are represented when it comes to emerging research, care improvement initiatives, and best in class care. Our partnership with OMNY helps ensure our providers have the data and support they need to deliver easy to access exceptional GI care.” – Dr. Michael Dragutsky, Founder, Chairman, OneGI.
Key populations available in the GI specialty offerings are aligned with the significant research and development efforts underway in gastroenterology, including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, reflux disorders, and many others. Like other OMNY Health specialty-focused solutions, the GI offering includes information covering pharmacy orders, lab and diagnostic test results, comorbidities, symptom checklists, and provider clinical assessment scores.
“We are thrilled to welcome our new gastroenterology providers to our network. Over the past two years, we have made great strides connecting researchers and providers participating in our dermatology and ophthalmology research networks. We look forward to building on that impact in the field of gastroenterology,” said Mitesh Rao, MD, CEO, OMNY Health.  

About OMNY Health

OMNY Health connects the healthcare ecosystem through data and insights to transform healthcare delivery, improve clinical outcomes, and address patients’ unmet needs.   The OMNY platform serves as a centralized resource for healthcare stakeholders to participate in data sharing and research services at scale, fueling innovation where patients need it the most. For more information, go to


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