OMNY Health launches ophthalmology-centric real-world data platform in partnership with leading ophthalmology practices focused on improving patient outcomes

May 9, 2022

In alignment with OMNY Health’s mission to deliver data and insights to accelerate life-changing innovation, these solutions will serve as a catalyst for research and improved outcomes for the 2+ billion individuals impacted by ophthalmic disease

ATLANTA, GA, May 10, 2022 – Today, OMNY Health announced that it has partnered with the nation’s leading community-based ophthalmology practices to launch a first-of-a-kind, real-world data ecosystem focused on driving collaborative research partnerships to advance treatments and improve outcomes in patients with ophthalmic disorders.  Derived from electronic health record data, OMNY solutions provide valuable information on the evolving treatment paradigm for patients with ophthalmic disease, including difficult to obtain insights on the rationale behind treatment decisions, and the impact of social determinants of health on care delivery and outcomes.  De-identified images from retinal scans and other images also are available from ecosystem partners, allowing researchers to view physical changes in condition severity over time.

A diverse set of providers are participating in the ecosystem, from large independent ophthalmology group practices to academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks, specialty hospitals, and regional health systems.  Practices participating in the OMNY ecosystem will leverage OMNY’s platform to opt into clinical trials, prospective observational surveys, and other collaborative research opportunities.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new ophthalmology providers to our network. Over the past year, we have made great strides connecting researchers and providers in the dermatology space and are looking forward to making the same level of impact on ophthalmology,” said Mitesh Rao, MD, CEO, OMNY Health.

“US Eye looks forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with OMNY Health and find new ways to leverage our data internally,” said Kinga Huse, President, US Eye. “The ability to make more data-driven decisions that improve outcomes and the patient experience will be a valuable asset for our providers and patients.”

“We are excited to have a partner in OMNY that chose to prioritize Ophthalmology. As a data driven organization, we view this partnership as a conduit to leverage our data to gain new insights in providing care for our patients. The added visibility into additional clinical research opportunities will allow our providers to continue their focus on finding new ways to care for and treat our patients in their efforts to preserve sight,” said Amy Goodson-Burke, Chief Revenue Officer, American Vision Partners.

“As a leading administrative services provider for top notch ophthalmology practices, Sight Growth Partners’ primary focus is to listen to our doctors and provide support for them so they can care for their patients in a better way. We are partnering with OMNY Health to do exactly that…exceed our physician’s needs so they can exceed their patient’s needs,” said Jonathan Lujan, CEO, Sight Growth Partners.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the OMNY Health network. It will allow us to better understand our patient populations, obtain more insight into the impact of care patterns on outcomes, and better align clinical trial opportunities with specific patient cohorts,” said David Shoemaker, MD, Founder and CEO, US Eye.

With an uptick in ophthalmology drug research and approvals in the past few years, researchers can utilize this data to expedite clinical trial recruitment and design, understand evolving treatment patterns, assess trends in healthcare resource utilization, understand current gaps in care, conduct comparative effectiveness studies, and partner with ophthalmology practices around joint missions focused on quality improvement and patient outcomes.

Key populations available in the dataset include dry eye (296K patients), dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) (109K patients), wet AMD (31K patients), and diabetic retinopathy (64K patients). This unique data asset also includes populations with rare eye diseases such as Stargardt Disease and pediatric populations with congenital disease.

Like other OMNY Health specialty-focused databases, the ophthalmology data set also includes information on pharmacy orders, lab results, medical device detail for implants, and detailed provider clinical assessment measures such as best corrected visual acuity and intraocular pressure values. OMNY will be conducting ophthalmology solution demonstrations and presenting results from studies during a variety of events this summer, including ISPOR, DIA, and ICPE.

About OMNY Health

OMNY Health connects patients, providers, and life sciences companies through data and insights to transform healthcare delivery, improve clinical outcomes, and address patients’ unmet needs. Our platform, representing more than 35M patients, enables turnkey research and the ability to convert insights to actions for over 150 disease areas across more than 115,000 providers.

In addition to its ophthalmology data-centered solutions, the OMNY Health ecosystem features a wide range of products that compliantly facilitate collaboration between researchers and providers while maintaining patient privacy. Serving as a key resource and central intermediary, OMNY Health minimizes the effort required by providers and life sciences organizations to achieve these objectives. By aligning the goals of all sides and forging relationships to provide unique, curated data sets and mechanisms to establish compliant partnerships, OMNY Health fuels innovation where patients need it the most.


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