OMNY Health platform surpasses 50 million patient lives after recent expansion in provider system network coverage

May 31, 2022

This continued growth will expand the scope of research opportunities, which will result in more life-changing innovation to meet patients’ unmet needs. 

ATLANTA, GA, May 31, 2022 – Today, OMNY Health announced that it has reached a milestone in building its national platform of de-identified clinical data from provider systems, representing over 50 million patients receiving care over the past five years. Much of this growth is attributed to the addition of several large health systems and specialty practice networks that recently joined OMNY Health’s ecosystem. The OMNY Health platform of data includes care delivered in both inpatient and outpatient settings across a variety of provider organizations that is utilized to advance patient-focused research.  Basic electronic health record (EHR) data is augmented with data from a variety of systems within the provider organization including lab systems and imaging and third-party data sources such as claims data to provide a holistic view into the patient experience. This granular data follows the patient journeys of these 50 million+ patients across the care continuum for five or more years.  

“As a physician who has dedicated his career to transforming healthcare, it has always been my vision to build a national data ecosystem that helps connect healthcare providers with researchers, but more importantly, to impact the lives of patients. This expansion is validation that we are on course to achieving that goal. Although we have plenty of opportunity and intend to continue to grow and expand, this marks an exciting milestone for OMNY Health.” said Mitesh Rao, MD, CEO, OMNY Health.  

For provider organizations and their patients, the appeal to joining the OMNY Health network is multi-faceted and presents a number of unique benefits: 

    • Alignment of research opportunities. OMNY Health enables healthcare and research organizations to compliantly explore the breadth and depth of data available to identify and align the right patients for various research initiatives, including opportunities to participate in clinical trials, patient surveys, and quality improvement initiatives.  
    • Maximizing data utilization. OMNY Health facilitates more opportunities for each healthcare organization to utilize data at scale. These organizations work closely with OMNY Health to reinforce their internal data usage through better data capture, reporting, and conversion of data into insights. In addition, they rely on OMNY Health to manage relationships with external parties who require access to vetted de-identified real world data. 
    • Enhancing the patient experience. Whether a healthcare provider or researcher, all parties participating in the OMNY Health ecosystem are aligned on a singular goal of improving patient care through innovation. Regardless of how the healthcare provider engages, OMNY Health impacts patient outcomes by focusing on major disease groups that touch large patient populations within broader therapeutic areas, such as dermatology and ophthalmology, while also being able to reach those with rare diseases.  

The ever-increasing breadth, depth, and diversity of the OMNY network will allow healthcare providers and researchers to participate in research at scale and accelerate new and improved medical innovations and treatments that help address disparities in health equity. 


About OMNY Health 
The OMNY Health ecosystem features a wide range of products that compliantly facilitate collaboration between researchers and providers while maintaining patient privacy. Serving as a key resource and central intermediary, OMNY Health minimizes the effort required by providers and life sciences organizations to achieve these objectives. By aligning the goals of all sides and forging relationships to provide unique, curated data sets and mechanisms to establish compliant partnerships, OMNY Health fuels innovation where patients need it the most. For more information or to join the OMNY Health network, please contact us. 


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