Pushing the Boundary on Life Sciences Innovation Through Data

Innovation is becoming increasingly expensive as companies look for the next therapeutic breakthrough. Though there is a wealth of data available, few companies have access to actual patient usage data to drive innovation and strategy.

Lab Data
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Coming Soon

OMNY Marketplace

The OMNY Marketplace is truly that, a one stop shop for granular, near real-time usage data directly from health systems. With Marketplace, partners are able to access and interpret relevant data promptly and painlessly.

OMNY Insights

OMNY Insights is intended for stakeholders who desire additional thought leadership. Customers can work with OMNY’s experienced team of data analysts to create custom solutions based on their specific needs.



Access our latest case studies, white papers and other thought leadership.

The OMNY Data Marketplace

The OMNY Marketplace enables life sciences companies to access real world data from health systems at scale. Click below to learn more.

Regulatory Compliance

As your trusted, compliant intermediary, we ensure that you and your patients are protected in marketplace transactions through compliance with HIPAA.


Contact Us

Reach out to us for more information about OMNY and our platform.

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