Why We Started OMNY Health™

The future of healthcare is data, yet we have a very long way to go. Health systems and specialty networks struggle to fully access and understand the precious data that they generate every day. Life sciences companies also need deeper, more trackable, real-world ecosystem data to bring personalized, novel care therapies to all patients in need of cures, better quality of life, and reduced disease burden.

More than $250 billion is spent annually on healthcare and claims data, yet our dedicated providers and their patients don’t share in this value. As our infrastructure faces economic hardship like never before during the COVID-19 pandemic, threatening patient care and job security for thousands of frontline healthcare workers, it’s imperative that we bridge this divide.

Founded by Dr. Mitesh Rao, we envision a new model where providers and patients control the destiny of their own data. OMNY Health connects healthcare data privately and securely to every life sciences company inventing tomorrow’s pharmaceutical therapies and medical devices.

Join our mission today to transform lives.

Our Leadership Team

Mitesh Rao, MD

CEO and Co-Founder

Sean O’Brien

CTO and Co-Founder

Stacey Long


Simaanthi Balaraman

SVP of Operations

Mike Scordino

SVP Commercial

Dr. Maik Lindner, CISSP


Sunny Nixon

VP of Legal & Compliance

Jessica Walling

Head of Product

Lawrence Rasouliyan

Head of Biostatistics & Data Science

Lauren Stone

Sr Healthcare Delivery Manager

Vikas Kumar, MD

Sr Data Scientist

Alex Liatis

Technical Account Manager

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