Connect data to transform lives

We are a healthcare ecosystem that accelerates innovation by connecting data and organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem

Our story

Prior to founding OMNY Health, Dr. Mitesh Rao spent a number of years as a hospital executive. During this time, he realized that one of the biggest challenges that faced healthcare providers was leveraging data internally and building external relationships to connect data into a larger ecosystem.

That experience spurred him to build a transparent, compliant, and ethical platform that leverages data and professional relationships, which evolved into OMNY Health. Today, OMNY Health helps to connect healthcare providers and life sciences companies to do right by the patient and add value to all sides.

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Our team

Our leadership team combines the best of all worlds – clinicians, technologists, and researchers with decades of experience centered around the common mission of accelerating life-changing innovation in healthcare.

Mitesh Rao, MD

Mitesh Rao, MD

CEO, Co-Founder

Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien

CTO, Co-Founder

Simaanthi Balaraman

Simaanthi Balaraman

SVP Operations

Alex Liatis

Stella Chang

SVP Life Sciences

Jessica Walling

Jo-Nell Labbienti

SVP Legal and Compliance

Lawrence Rasouliyan

Lawrence Rasouliyan

Head of Biostatistics and

Data Science

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