Harness the Destiny of Healthcare Data to Transform Lives

Unified Analytics & Data Sharing for Health Systems & Specialty Networks

Built by providers for providers, OMNY Health™ connects healthcare systems and specialty networks like yours to life sciences companies to improve patient outcomes, increase quality of care, and broaden access to safe, effective therapies.

Our no-cost solution also delivers immediate value by bringing all of your patient, encounter, notes, and supply data together in one place in a secure cloud platform. Our dashboards, reports, and analytics illuminate your data for rapid patient journey mapping, adverse events signal detection reporting, holistic clinical trial patient recruitment identification, and intra-system supply chain management.

The future of healthcare is driven by data insights, and we must embrace this reality to evolve, prosper, and provide the highest level of care for every patient. Let’s transform lives together.

OMNY Health Unified Analytics and Data Sharing for Health Systems and Specialty Networks

Our Solutions for Health Systems & Specialty Networks

OMNY Health empowers healthcare provider organizations to leverage their data with life science partners innovating in pharmaceutical therapies and medical devices – at scale. Connect your data today to drive clinical innovation and deliver meaningful resources to your patients and staff.


Deliver for Patients
Bring new therapies and medical devices to market to improve patient quality of life – while reinvesting new revenues to fuel clinical care programs, expansion, and hiring


Access All of Your Data
Gain relevant insights from your own data to map patient journeys, detect adverse event signals, recruit patients to join clinical trials, and manage drug inventories more easily between sites


Expect Data Gatekeeping
Your compliance resources maintain approval of data specifications, building confidence that de-identification processes and procedures have been satisfied


Enjoy a Low Friction Experience
With painless, flexible contracting and simple, fluid integrations, we can deploy together in a matter of weeks

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