Healthcare Providers

We act as the external data sharing arm for our data provider organizations, absorbing the bulk of the work and minimizing the effort of data cleaning and contracting on their side.

In addition to providing these services at no cost to them, they also receive the additional perks of all-access to a complete suite of data, insights, and relationships.


A data strategy that works for patients, providers, and administration.
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Data visualizations and dashboards to make quick data-driven decisions.
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Connecting all the parts of the healthcare industry to transform patient lives.

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Our data providers

Our Data Providers represent a large cross-section of patient care and includes a variety of different types of organizations including large IDN’s, NCI-designated cancer centers, children’s hospitals, community hospitals, specialty practices, and infusion centers.

Our collaborative approach to working with all of these organizations allows us to provide a 360 degree view of the patient journey.

Re-invest in patient initiatives

Our Data Providers receive revenue  from data transactions that involve their data. This alternative revenue stream allows them to re-invest in their highest priorities that make the most impact on the patients that they serve.

We also remove the roadblocks from your plate: handling contracting and negotiations with third-parties and ensuring compliance. We make this a turnkey process for you so you can focus on what’s most important – your patients.

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Improved operational & clinical decision-making

Our Data Providers have complete access to the standardized data sets that are created from the data they provide. They also have access to a full suite of dashboards that allow them to visualize the data. These can be utilized to fuel operational and clinical decision-making and improve the patient and provider experience.

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