Case Study: How OMNY is supporting the fight against MG

OMNY worked closely with a top pharma brand to prepare for the launch of its Myasthenia Gravis (MG) drug, with data from two of its health system partners.


Compiling in-depth information from more than 30 of OMNY’s partnered medical facilities, we were able to deliver a snapshot of the real-world health care encounters and treatment experience for over 1,700 patients via a HIPAA compliant, de-identified dataset. The OMNY professional services team delivered views characterizing the patient journey, from initial interaction points to ultimate diagnosis and treatment, something their claims data supplier could not do. 


Of particular note was how the insights collected enabled an understanding of the setting in which care was being delivered within the inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as the broad spectrum of medical specialists delivering the care. Not surprising, variation in care was identified across physician specialty.


With this data and working with OMNY, the platform client has been able to optimize access of its product for patients in need. The insights our team provided allowed their global rare disease team to compliantly build insights at a patient level without compromising privacy. 


In addition, funds from this engagement have already routed back to participating data contributors, enabling them to hire more staff, improve frontline staff salaries, address budget challenges, and invest in new medical equipment.  


OMNY is in the process of facilitating several more research opportunities centered around personalized data to continue driving innovation in the delivery of quality patient care.


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