Identifying COVID-19 Patients from Unstructured Notes: Performance of a Commercial Clinical Named Entity Recognition System

An OMNY Health™ Poster

Commercial named entity recognition (NER) could be effective in identifying new and emerging illnesses.

On May 17-21, 2021, this poster was presented at the ISPOR Annual Conference.


  • The results show that ACM-ICD-10 is effective at identifying symptoms and alternative, nonspecific diagnosis codes for COVID-19.
  • However, the current version of the software failed to map any of the patients to the Center for Disease Control’s most recent code recommendation for COVID-19 infection (U07.1).
  • The results suggest that such commercial clinical NER tools need to be recalibrated often to account for new and emerging illnesses.
  • Limitations of this study include a small sample size from just one medical institution.


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