Data for Life Sciences

The answers to your questions are now just a few clicks away with our self-service ecosystem and suite of data products that meet your unique needs at all stages in your product life-cycle.
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Data throughout the patient experience

Search our product catalog for off-the-shelf data sets by disease area or drug grouping. These packages provide a 360 degree view of the patient and include fields extracted and de-identified from clinical notes, using our proprietary engine that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning.

All data is standardized, de-identified, and tokenized, allowing linkage to other data sets.

Meeting your needs at your level

Our ecosystem provides maximum flexibility, meeting clients at their level – in terms of both technical expertise and resource constraints.

For the more tech savvy, we provide raw data packages, that allow for do-it-yourself analysis that’s compatible with whatever analytical tools you use.

For those with less analytical power, we can perform studies on your behalf or provide analytical code to help simplify the necessary queries.

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