Insights for Data Providers

Whether you’re wondering where to focus R&D efforts, struggling with clinical trial recruitment, trying to better understand the use of specific therapies, or looking to enable patient access, our suite of dashboards allows you to visualize the data and get to those answers quickly.
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Test R&D hypotheses

Analyze disease progression and treatment pathways to assess market needs and demand to determine which efforts warrant your investment.

Test specific criteria on our Study Analyzer to estimate the size of market opportunities.

Optimize clinical trial protocols

Enter your inclusion and exclusion criteria to validate clinical trial design on actual patient populations and better understand disease prevalence and unmet medical needs.

Identify potential provider sites with key patients that can deliver the most impact to your clinical trial.

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Safety and Efficacy icon

Monitor safety and efficacy

Follow patient journeys to monitor the impact of treatment patterns on disease progression. Identify trends and opportunities in real world data to determine ways to utilize your new therapies to improve patient outcomes.

Assess risk and monitor adverse drug events on real world data.

Enable market access

Monitor market share, compare patient populations, understand treatment sequencing, view drug utilization trends.

These are just a few things our product suite can help you do to ensure you develop a well-rounded brand strategy that meets patient needs.

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